Cayro Origami Display Stand, 48 pieces

Cayro Origami Display Stand, 48 pieces

Brand: Cayro
Product Code: CAY6082
Availability: 11
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This range of Spanish-designed origami craft includes three traditional craft packs themed with making jungle animals, airplanes, and boats.


The other five packs include making characters for robots, farm, pirates, princesses and theatre.


Each pack includes a background diorama so that the origami creations made can be played with within a scene. Each pack includes coloured sheets and also blank sheets with outlines that can be coloured-in.


This stand comprises 48 packs – 6 of each of the 8 designs:


820 Origami Jungle Animals
823 Origami Airplanes
824 Origami Boats
825 Paper Art Princess Finger Puppets
826 Paper Art Robots
827 Paper Art Farm Animals Finger Puppets
828 Paper Art Storytelling Finger Puppets
829 Paper Art Pirates Finger Puppets


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